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description Opis i wymagania

Dive into an adrenaline-fuelled free-roaming adventure. As agent Rico Rodriguez, your orders are to find and kill your friend and mentor who has disappeared on the island paradise of Panau. There, you must cause maximum chaos by land, sea and air to shift the balance of power. With the unique grapple and parachute combo, BASE jump, hijack and create your own high-speed stunts. With 400 square miles of rugged terrain and hundreds of weapons and vehicles, Just Cause 2 defies gravity and belief.

  • UNIQUE VERTICAL GAMEPLAY - Take to the air like no other game. Experience total aerial freedom with the unique parachute and dual grapple
  • UNBELIEVABLE ADRENALINE-FUELLED STUNTS - Free fall, base jump, vehicle surf, parasail, skydive, grapple, slingshot, leap between vehicles, hang from helicopters, scale buildings. The impossible is within your grasp.
  • UPGRADED DUAL GRAPPLE - Your best tool is now a weapon. Fire two shots with the grapple hook and attach unwilling enemies to high-speed vehicles, hang them upside down from buildings, tether objects in mid-air. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.
  • DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF PANAU - Explore the island paradise; from sprawling cities, secluded beaches and towering mountain peaks – more than 400 square miles of your own personal playground.
  • EXPERIENCE TRUE FREEDOM - Hundreds of objectives can be completed in any way or order that you choose. When it’s time for a break from Agency business, kick back and enjoy all the attractions that Panau has to offer.
  • MASSIVE SELECTION OF VEHICLES - Catch air on a high-speed dirt bike, race across the sea in a power boat, or fire a spread of rockets from an attack chopper – more than 100 land, sea and air vehicles are yours for the taking.

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Just cause 2 is very good games with lot chaos and guns
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Great Just Cause Game

Just Cause 2 is a really fun game. You play as Rico and your goal is to explode basicly explode everything while having a blast.
I´d to totally recomend the game as it´s really fun and you can get a lot of hours out of it!
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The better GTA

One of the most fun games I have ever played. Still holds up nicely to this day, weather and lighting looks gorgeous. If you like open world, sandbox exploration and arcade action with lots of vehicles, the Just Cause series is imho your best bet on the market.
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Very funny game

The game has a lot of potential, if you just like gathering and achievment hunting. But it's also great if you just want a good laugh and get creative with your weapons and the environnement. For example grapling a cow to a canister of gas and shooting it to send the cow on to a space mission.
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