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This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Demon Hunter: Ascendance

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Why you should buy Demon Hunter: Ascendance 

  • You enjoy hidden-object puzzle adventure games.
  • You’re a fan of the Demon Hunter series and want to solve another mystery. 
  • You’re not scared of demons and ghosts that may lurk in the museum. 

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Demon Hunter: Ascendance 

Yet another mystery to solve is awaiting Hector Cole, a professional Demon Hunter. Join him in a search for a missing tourist in the fifth entry to the  HOPA game series from Brave Giant, Demon Hunter: Ascendance. Explore The Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity and uncover its past and secrets. 

The Demon Hunter 

Become Hector Cole and once again face the forces of evil. This Demon Hunter, and a specialist in paranormal investigations, was asked to solve a mysterious case at The Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity run by Edmund Strange. After a visitor of the museum goes missing and each and every corner of the museum has been searched thoroughly, curator Strange suspects that something otherworldly had something to do with the case.

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Mysterious circumstances

Solve the mysterious disappearance of the tourist. Were ghosts and demons involved? Find out by exploring 35 hand-drawn locations of The Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity and solving 26 fully engaging puzzles with lots of twists and turns. Search through every room and corridor for important clues and items. Find out the truth about this mysterious place, its past, and its owner. Can you feel like something is watching your every step?

Banish the horrors

Get to the bottom of this paranormal case and escape the horrors of the museum. Unlock the prequel to the original story. The uneasy feeling of being watched will accompany you throughout the game, thanks to a disturbing soundtrack and chilling narration that intensify the creepy atmosphere.

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Demon Hunter: Ascendance features

  • 35 hand-drawn locations to explore, 
  • 26 engaging puzzles to solve, 
  • Searching for hidden objects and clues, 
  • Unlockable bonus chapter, 
  • Disturbing soundtrack and chilling dialogue. 

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