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Dark Heart Mansion

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The game turns out to be a fusion of point-to-click adventures and escape rooms. Each room contains a series of puzzles that will take you to the next one, until you get to an unexpected ending... You play with a first-person view so you can be more involved in the game environment. In most cases, an item collected in a room will be used in the gaming phase that follows. Each message that is automatically kept in the journal contains clues to how to solve a rebus. Each puzzle has an intuitive logic, but to facilitate the game in some puzzles there is a help that can be useful even if you think you have lost some clues.

The protagonist of the story is a police detective named Roy who has been entrusted with the case of the serial killer known as "The Mentalist", a dark figure who kills his victims without leaving any trace. His long history of crimes made him famous and, over time, he found followers ready to help him.

One of them, a Peter Thompson, was brutally killed by his own master.

Investigating the murders of the Mentalist, the police found Peter's diary, a very important subject for the investigation as inside were described all the crimes he had witnessed, but above all they found important news about one of the mentalist's many shelters.

Peter describes this place in such detail that Roy can track him down, and so begins the adventure that aims to capture the Mentalista and put an end to the terrible crimes of this fearsome murderer.

Unfortunately, however, Peter in his notes neglects to mention the huge amount of secret doors and passages that the "Mentalist" mansion hides and so Roy, unaware of what was waiting for him, decides to venture alone, without help, in fact he is convinced that he can take it taking advantage of the surprise effect, but as often happens things will not thread as expected.


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