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Valorant Gift Card

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Why you should buy Valorant Gift Card:

  • You’re looking for an ideal gift for a Valorant player.
  • You are an avid Valorant player yourself.
  • You want to start the game with many additional items.

Free online game

Valorant is a first-person online shooter game from the Riot Games. The main aim is to win a 5v5 battle with your teammates. Each of the playable agents has a unique set of abilities, which, when chosen wisely, may lead you to a quick victory. Although the game is free to play, you can find an in-game store with many items available to buy with Valorant Points.

Riot’s in-game currency

If you’ve ever played any Riot’s game before, you certainly know that there is a possibility of an in-game purchase. If you know anyone, who would love to battle around with a great weapon skin or loves discovering new items in Valorant, this Valorant Gift Card seems dedicated to them. Or to yourself, if you identify as one of these players.

Customize your character

The Valorant Points (in-game currency), redeemed from a Valorant Gift Card, may be used to purchase weapon and melee skins and unlock new agents. Enjoy access to limited collections, daily offers, rotating series of skins, and cards. Feel free to choose whatever you like. Not to mention the possibility of unlocking levels with Valorant Points.

Valorant Gift Card: how to use

  • Log into the Valorant game client,
  • Select Valorant icon located to the right of the “Store” tab,
  • Select “Prepaid Cards & Codes,”
  • Input the code from your Valorant Gift Card,
  • Select “Submit.”

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s..g@gmail.comData della recensione: 26.08.2022
L'utente ha acquistato Valorant Gift Card 75 Valorant Points da:
Games Star
Not worth the price
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