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This is a PlayStation 4/5 version of the game.

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Beat Souls

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Let’s break it down with Beat Souls! A high-speed rhythm game where you have to avoid obstacles and collect the titular Beat Souls to wrack up a stylish combo and go for the high-score!

Lay the Rhythm Yokai to rest with awesome dance moves as you put on a killer performance!

  • Cyberpop visuals - colorful and cute anime aesthetic meets neon cyberpunk vibe to create Cyberpop!
  • Action and Rhythm collide - master the elegant dance of dodging and jumping out of the way of oncoming obstacles while simultaneously moving your Otomo companion to collect Beat Souls to really get that combo soaring! Colliding with Noise will throw off your groove, resetting your combo, and draining your stamina. When that stamina hits 0, its game over… Keep dancing until the end to pacify the Rhythm Yokai and clear the stage!
  • Variety of stages await you - there are more than 30 stages available in the game! In addition, you can select the difficulty level for each stage, so you can enjoy the gameplay that suits your skill level.

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Bazar Keys
Bazar Keys
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