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A Memoir Blue

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Cloisters Interactive


Annapurna Interactive

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Why you should buy A Memoir Blue:

  • You love adventure games with a deep story.
  • You enjoy beautiful hand-drawn art in a game. 
  • You want to travel through surreal locations of Miriam’s memories. 

A Memoir Blue

Experience a unique adventure through memories in A Memoir Blue by Cloisters Interactive, an interactive poem about a superstar athlete and her relationship with her mother. After Miriam hears an old song on the radio, the memories from her past are flooding back. Help her understand the complex relationship with her mother. 

A journey through past 

Miriam is a superstar athlete. One day, she hears an old song on the radio that takes her back to her childhood memories. A Memoir Blue takes you on a journey through various surreal locations straight from a dream. As Miriam is a swimming champion, many of them are underwater.  

Family relations  

As you travel through Miriam’s past, you’ll learn more about her complex relationship with her mother. Watch the memories play out in front of you and solve clever puzzles awaiting you in each environment you visit. Discover the complexities of the relationship between Miriam and her mother and see how strong the bond between them is.  

An aesthetic experience

Swim into the depths of Miriam’s memories. Experience a whole array of emotions, from heartbreak to victory and pride as the protagonist reconnects with her inner child and deepens her love for her mother. A Memoir Blue is truly an aesthetic experience with hand-drawn 3D art combined with 2D memories

A Memoir Blue features 

  • Various surreal locations, 
  • Clever puzzles to solve, 
  • Hand-drawn art design, 
  • Deep story.   
A Memoir Blue EN/DE/FR/PT/ES Global

Swim through Miriam's memories in A Memoir Blue

A Memoir Blue EN/DE/FR/PT/ES Global

Solve clever puzzles and explore the past

A Memoir Blue EN/DE/FR/PT/ES Global

Learn about the complex relationship between Miriam and her mother


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