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Loop Hero Global Steam
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Slay the Spire Global Steam
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Hades EN EU Steam Gift
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Enter the Gungeon Global Steam
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Slay the Spire EU Steam
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Spelunky EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global Steam
Loop Hero EU Steam
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Exit the Gungeon Global Steam
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The Binding of Isaac EN EU Steam Gift
20XX EN/DE/FR/JA/KO/RU/ES Global Steam
Spelunky 2 ARG EN Argentina Xbox One
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Zoeti EN Global Steam
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Rogue Legacy 2 EN/FR/IT/ES EU PS5
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Deadlink EN Global Steam
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Enter the Gungeon Global Steam Gift
Spelunky EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global Steam Gift
Spelunky EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global GOG
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Slay the Spire EU Xbox One Xbox Series
Spelunky EN/DE/FR/IT/ES EU Steam Gift
Popup Dungeon EN EU Steam
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Rogue Spirit Global Steam
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Popup Dungeon EN Asia Steam
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Enter the Gungeon ROW Global Steam
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What is a roguelike?

Roguelikes are a sub-genre of RPGs, where players journey on a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels, where every run is different. Most roguelikes involve the player starting with minimal equipment, without any special abilities or skills, but as they navigate the game world, they acquire new resources and abilities and level up their hero. 


However, death is permanent in most roguelikes. When the player character dies, they must start a new game - often called a “run” to highlight how frequent these restarts are in roguelike games. The layout of the game, the placement of monsters and items, and many other elements will change with each new run, making the game extremely replayable and different each time.


A short history of roguelikes

The pioneers - Rogue and NetHack - introduced gamers to a labyrinth of endless possibilities. With randomly generated dungeons and turn-based gameplay, they've carved out a niche that has endured the test of time, bridging generations of gamers. As the genre flourished, it inspired countless innovations, from Diablo to The Binding of Isaac, each contributing to the ever-evolving roguelike landscape.


The magic of roguelike games lies in their ability to reinvent themselves with every play. Every session begins a new journey, with uncharted territories, unfamiliar monsters, and unforeseen events. The promise of permanent death may seem daunting, but it breathes urgency and gravity into every decision. The thrill of navigating the unknown, the satisfaction of overcoming insurmountable odds, and the wonder of discovering new realms – this is the essence of roguelike games.


The best roguelike games to start with

If you’re new to the genre, here are some great roguelike games to start your journey with:


  • Darkest Dungeon - A chilling gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Lead a band of heroes on a perilous side-scrolling descent, dealing with a myriad of threats to their physical and mental health.

  • FTL: Faster Than Light - This spaceship simulation roguelike allows you to take your ship and crew on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and bitter defeat.

  • Risk of Rain 2 - Jump right into the action with this fast-paced 3D roguelike. With each playthrough, you'll learn the patterns of your foes, and even the longest odds can be overcome with enough skill and luck.

  • Crypt of the NecroDancer - A rhythm-based dungeon crawler where you can groove to the beat to survive. Move on the beat to navigate progressively harder dungeons while battling dancing skeletons, zombies, dragons, and more!

  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - A randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy roguelike elements. Following Isaac on his journey, players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac's form giving him superhuman abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets, and fight his way to safety.