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What's Wrong With You?

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"What's Wrong With You?" is a derpy, little, cute round-based Quiz-Battle-Royale Gameshow.

The Concept?
The game gives you multiple-choice questions and the players have to answer..
Answer the Questions
..but in a way, you wouldn't expect. Absolutely wrong!
Matching the game title, you have to find all the wrong answers of these questions.
You never know how many are incorrect. It can vary between 1 and 3 answers.
If that isn't hard enough, the difficulty of the questions varies.
Some are easy. Some are harder.
Be careful. Your life depends on your answers.

Lifepoints are Everything!
For each answer given, you get points.. or you lose some...
The more often you name all wrong answers, the more points you get.
If you give answers that you shouldn't name, you will lose them and it gets worse...
Drop below a certain limit and you are out of the game.

  • Battle-(Royale)-Mode:
    Everybody plays the same Question at the same time! The Last Man Standing wins!
  • Duel-Mode:
    A certain amount of players will get picked to play a question. This continues as long as players are remaining.
  • Champion-Mode:
    Everyone will fight on the same multiple-choice questions at the same time.
    However, their goal is to be the first to reach a certain point limit.
    Only 1 player will win!
  • Score-Mode
    Play alone & test your skill against 16 Questions in a row.
    Practice, Get better OR drop out!
  • Tabletop-Mode:
    Each point rewarded will let you move on a board forwards or backward.
    Who needs dices when your answers and special fields influence this game!
    Reach the final field first and win!
  • Escape-Mode:
    Lava is rising! Answer questions and get points to move up the tower first.
    But be careful.. Losing points will move you down again. You don't want to face the heat there!
  • Boss-Mode:
    It's one brain against up to 63 other brains teamed together!
    Is the Boss as smart as he seems to be or will the brain-swarm will that battle?
  • Knockout-Mode:
    It's round-based and not question-based!
    Questions get grouped into packages of 5 and build a round!
    At the end of each round the worst few % get eliminated!
    Who will be the last man standing?
  • Chain-Mode
    Up to 16 Players play sequential one after one!
    Starting at the first one going to the next one with each question.
    If a player gets negative points, the chain is broken and the player is eliminated!
    How many will get eliminated before the chain reaches its limit?

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