Star Trek Online - Federation Elite Starter Pack

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The Elite Starter Pack is a Zen Store bundle that contains a number of slots, equipment, a bridge officer, a uniform and a starship. Each pack costs 2000 Zen small and may only be claimed once per account, though the uniform and starship are account-wide unlocks. They can be found in the Starter Packs tab of the Zen Store. Your character must have completed the tutorial to claim these items.

  • 12 Inventory slots
  • 12 Bank slots
  • 2 Bridge Officer slots
  • 14 Mk II Very Rare space gear
  • 7 Mk II Very Rare ground gear
  • Federation Liberated Borg Bridge Officer
  • Starfleet Academy uniform (Account-wide)
  • T6 Reliant-class Advanced Light Cruiser (Account-wide)

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