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There was an unexplainable accident at the mine for the extraction of unique ore. You are the only survivor! But is it good? Are you really lucky? Dangerous labyrinths of production and mines await you. You will be on the brink of life and death, and to survive you need to trust the voice in your head!

You play as a scientist named Michael, who has been sent to the mine to work on an object. But something went wrong and an accident happened that killed almost everyone. You have just arrived at the site and know nothing about it. You will have to find a way out using the means at hand. Are you good with maps? Oh yeah, you won't have any! Don't worry, it's an industrial building and a mine, so all is not lost. Can you make quick decisions? You won't have much time, you'll need to get out of all this chaos.

You're not alone in there! And then there's that voice in your head. Is he really your friend and helper?

NULLORE: beginning is not a big first-person game created by one person. Which, with any luck, will be the first game in a great series of games dedicated to contact with alien races.

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