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Mass Effect - Remastered

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Why you should buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  • You're a fan of the Shepard trilogy,
  • You want to play modern versions of three legendary RPGs,
  • It's time to embark on an epic journey!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 

Mass Effect is a series of action role-playing games that needs no introduction. Without any doubt, it's one of the best and most successful video game franchises ever released. Every installment in the trilogy got sky-high scores from critics and was praised by players. Now the legendary Commander Shepard returns in the ultimate version of his journey. You have a chance to get the complete trilogy, including remastered versions of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, as well as an astonishing amount of 40 DLC. Consequently, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a perfect choice for both players who have already followed the story of Commander Shepard and those who have never visited the Citadel yet.

The legend remastered

Remastered versions of all three games look better than ever before. In particular, the first Mass Effect looks magnificent in comparison to the original version released back in 2007. However, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 also look way better than they used to, thanks to updated textures, shaders, models, and effects. The Legendary Edition is also more fun to play. For instance, Mass Effect combat mechanics have been improved to resemble the newer installments. Consequently, the oldest part of the trilogy is far more friendly to modern players. 

An epic journey

Mass Effects is a series famous for its compelling story. The game's universe is vast and carefully crafted, with its own history and many unique alien species. Moreover, all your choices affect Shepard, the protagonist's companions, and even the fate of the whole galaxy. Consequently, you can play this award-winning saga repeatedly, each time facing different consequences. Besides, your save files can be transferred to subsequent games, thus allowing you to carry on Shepard's journey throughout the trilogy. 

Key features:

  • The remastered version of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.
  • Over 40 DLC, including promotional content.
  • Improved graphics with updated textures, shaders, models, and effects.
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  • Great replayability value thanks to choices that really matter.
  • Updated Shepard customizations.
Mass Effect - Remastered Legendary Edition EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/JA/RU/ES Global

Meet colorful NPCs and build an unstoppable team

Mass Effect - Remastered Legendary Edition EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/JA/RU/ES Global

Face the Reapers, the most horrifying menace in the galaxy

Mass Effect - Remastered Legendary Edition EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/JA/RU/ES Global

Play as the iconic Commander Shepard


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