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Unbound: Worlds Apart

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Why you should buy Unbound: Worlds Apart:

  • You are looking for a game with a remarkable atmosphere.
  • You enjoy the good old platform-adventure games.
  • You’re ready to face the properties of different worlds.

Through the portal

Soli, the protagonist of Unbound: Worlds Apart, created by Alien Pixel Studios, is a young mage venturing on a journey across the universe. All worlds he travels through are connected by portals. Thanks to the extraordinary powers of Soli, you’ll not only be able to use the gates but also handle the various perks of each world.

Learn new skills

With one level after another, Soli becomes more and more skillful thanks to learning how to deal with inverse gravity, time manipulation, or super strength. Each new world will offer you new secrets and new challenges to complete. Using everything he learns along the way, Soli will eventually have to defeat a ruthless evil.

The shocking truth

On a journey to save his rearing-apart reality, the young mage will uncover the mystery behind his world’s collapse. He’ll also meet many wonderful, yet weird characters, each with rich backstories. Listening to their tales will help you understand the universe and its laws. Complete the quests and live a remarkable adventure in Unbound: Worlds Apart!

Unbound: Worlds Apart: key features

  • A cast of weird characters,
  • A lovely art style,
  • Challenging levels and puzzles,
  • Intense boss battles,
  • Rich narrative with hidden secrets.

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