Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Season Pass

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Activation details:

  • To redeem your key and download the game go to https://tools.elitedangerous.com/en/register
  • The game can be linked to a Steam account from https://www.frontierstore.net/customer/account/login/
  • Requires the base game Elite Dangerous on account frontierstore.net in order to play on, or account on elitedangerous.com

Change the galaxy with the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass. Explore the surfaces of countless worlds today, and unlock new ways to play in five themed expansions.

  • Planetary Landings - A whole new angle on the galaxy. Journey from the stars to the surfaces of strange worlds, and hit the ground running in the new Scarab Surface Recon Vehicle.
  • The Engineers -  Everything changes. Introducing an all-new mission system and game-changing loot. Craft exotic weapons and modules for your spacecraft and build a ship unlike any other.
  • Guardians - Take what comes and strike back with a double. Bring a second ship to every combat encounter with Ship-Launched Fighters.
  • The Commanders - Team up and take on the galaxy. Forge your own identity with the new Commander Creator, then share your bridge with Multi-Crew and fly with friends.
  • The Return - Continuing and concluding the Horizons season with ongoing story events that will see commanders engage in combat with Thargoid ships for the first time in decades. The Elite Dangerous galaxy will never be the same again.

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works for me

The website works great! Now I can play my favourite game.
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Pleasantly surprised

I purchased Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Season Pass from CastleGames through GAMIVO a few days ago. As a new customer I was skeptical of the entire platform, but CastleGames made the process smooth as butter. A definite plus for this merchant. The game was not great but it shows promise. I'm a VR user with an Oculus looking for a good space-sim VR experience and this game is greatly limited by a lack of HOTAS controls in VR (despite having two HOTAS capable touch controllers).

This aside, most of my score for this purchase is for my experience with the vendor on this retail platform. I know purchasing trust is the largest issue new platforms have gaining security in a buyers market.
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