Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

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Why should you buy it?
  • You dream about space travel
  • Sci-fi is your favorite genre
  • You want to discover places that no human has ever reached

Elite Dangerous is an ambitious space simulator that allows players to discover Milky Way. The game depicts our galaxy on a realistic 1:1 scale, so there is enormous space to explore. The Odyssey DLC introduces new features diversifying the gameplay and providing new exciting activities.

Reach new places

Odyssey provides the ability to land on planets with tenuous atmospheres. Moreover, now you can get out of your spaceship to explore celestial bodies on foot. You'll feel like a pioneer leaving your footprints on places no human has ever visited before. Discover unique species and gather samples of their genomes to earn credits for new upgrades.

Amazing universe

Thanks to Elite Dangerous Odyssey, the galaxy looks better than ever before. Experience breathtaking views during sunrises on multiple planets. It looks significantly different on each of them.

Fight or cooperate

Engage in combat involving. Commanders can fight on foot using a wide range of weapons or using SRVs, and even spaceships. On the other hand, players don't have to fight each other. Odyssey introduces concourses where a player can meet other space explorers, pick up missions, or barter. 

  • New planets to land on
  • On foot exploration
  • Improved graphics
  • Tactical combat involving commanders, SRVs, and ships
  • New social hubs

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

One of the best Space Themed games of all time. You can feel the complexity of the game and the sheer volume of space from inside your cockpit. Explore, figh your way, space truck and many other features that will make you gaming experiance something incredible.
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Should be great, after they develop it a bit more.

Has lots of promise but still a few issues.
Being able to walk around the stations is pretty cool, the on-foot shooting is okay but can be laggy (unless you'ge got a mid-high tier PC).
The new menu systems are marmite... I personally like them though.

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