Sandbox Games

Sandbox video games give you freedom of movement and choice. You can shape the world around you to your liking and have fun playing the game your way! In sandbox games you will be rewarded for being creative.

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Wobbledogs Global Steam
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SimCasino EN Global Steam
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Icarus EN Global Steam
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Stardew Valley Argentina Xbox One Xbox Series
Nebuchadnezzar Global Steam
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Stardew Valley United States Nintendo Switch
Black Skylands EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/ES Global Steam
Stardew Valley EU Xbox One Xbox Series
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Just Die Already Global Steam
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Rec Center Tycoon EN Global Steam
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Stardew Valley EU Steam
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Icarus EN Global Steam Gift
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Train Simulator 2020 EN Global Steam
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Darklands EN/DE Global Steam
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Star Valor EN/DE/FR/PT/RU/ES Global Steam
Dig or Die EU Steam Gift
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Dig or Die Global Steam Gift
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Stronghold Crusader HD Global Steam Gift
Stronghold Crusader HD EU Steam Gift
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Welcome to the realm of sandbox video games, where the only limit is your own creativity. Venture on a grand journey of unbounded exploration, fantastic creations, and epic adventures that transcend traditional game mechanics and transport you to immersive landscapes - only at GAMIVO!


What are sandbox games?

Sandbox games, often referred to as 'open-world games,' tear down the walls of linear gameplay, offering a dynamic gaming environment that allows you to shape your journey. Without a set narrative or concrete objectives, these games hand you the keys to vast, interactive worlds where the choices you make carve the path you tread. 


From building awe-inspiring structures in procedurally generated landscapes, and engaging in intense player-vs-player battles, to exploring uncharted planets teeming with alien life, sandbox games offer unparalleled freedom.


What’s the appeal of sandbox games?

Sandbox games captivate players with their sheer unpredictability and immense scope for personalization. The allure of these games lies in their inherent flexibility, enabling gamers to control the pace, choose their objectives, and write their story. It's about crafting a unique gaming experience that resonates with your personal style and imagination. 


Whether you're drawn to the catharsis of creation or the thrill of survival against the odds, sandbox games offer a dynamic canvas for diverse playstyles. This genre offers a gaming utopia where you're not just a player but a shaper of worlds.


Top sandbox games to ignite your imagination

Sandbox video games hold the promise of boundless adventure, a thrilling universe that evolves with each choice you make. Whether you're an ardent adventurer, a master builder, or a creative explorer, there's a sandbox game waiting for you. If you’re looking for a new sandbox game to play, check out these absolute genre classics:


  • Minecraft - The quintessential sandbox game, Minecraft invites you to its pixelated world where the possibilities are as infinite as its landscapes. Craft, build, survive, and explore - your imagination is the only boundary.

  • No Man's Sky - This expansive space exploration game offers infinite procedurally generated planets to discover. Uncover new species, trade with alien civilizations, or simply traverse the cosmos - the choice is yours.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - Transporting you to the lawless heart of America in the late 1800s, this game allows you to navigate the life of an outlaw, with the freedom to follow storylines or explore the wild frontier at your own pace.

  • Terraria - A unique blend of action-adventure and sandbox-style creativity, Terraria offers a captivating 2D world teeming with opportunities for combat, construction, and exploration.

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Immerse yourself in this high-fantasy epic, where you have the freedom to explore a massive open world filled with dragons, dungeons, and diverse quests.

  • Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) - This sprawling, satirical reimagining of modern Southern California offers players a rich tapestry of urban life. Delve into intricate narratives as three different criminals or freely roam the city, causing mayhem at your leisure. GTA V is a hallmark of sandbox gaming, blending adventure, action, and an open world that lives and breathes around you.

  • Subnautica - Submerge yourself into the deep alien oceans of Subnautica. This underwater adventure game challenges you to survive in a vibrant and perilous aquatic world, as you scavenge for resources, build underwater habitats, and unveil the planet's mysteries. The beautiful, unexplored, and treacherous ocean depths offer a unique sandbox experience filled with wonder and danger.