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Resident Evil: Top reasons why we love this scary series

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Resident Evil returns. Village is the 8th main installment in this Capcom’s hit series. There are many reasons why this survival horror franchise has a prominent place in the history of gaming. Here are the most important ones.

Horror redefined 

Resident Evil didn’t invent survival horror. Some games from the 1980s focused on a sense of danger, puzzle-solving, or combat. It was probably War of the Dead that brought it all together and became the first survival horror. Also, Alone in the Dark, released in 1992, was a milestone in shaping the genre because it mixed all the genre-specific traits with 3D graphics. 

Interestingly, back then, no one knew the term survival horror. It was Capcom that used it in 1996 to advertise the first Resident Evil game. Moreover, the game itself became crucial to the genre and took it to a whole new level. Its dynamic action, character skills, item management, and emphasis on the atmosphere have set standards. Many developers had been copying Camcom’s hit for years, making survival horror one of the most popular genres.

Return of zombies

Thanks to George A. Romero and his Night of the Living Dead movie series, reanimated corpses became one of the most successful monsters in popular culture. Unfortunately, their popularity has faded over the years. However, Resident Evil played a significant role in returning the brain-eaters to the mainstream. Furthermore, Capcom’s franchise gave a scientific explanation for zombie origins.

Bad corporation

When we’re talking about zombie origins in the Resident Evil series, we have to mention the Umbrella Corporation. It’s the kind of heartless corporation we all love to hate. Probably every gamer in the world recognizes the distinctive white and red logo of the Umbrella.

Great characters

Every successful video game franchise needs likable characters. Capcom seems to understand it because there have been many iconic protagonists since the beginning of the series. There are over a dozen playable characters, and each of them has been well-received. Gamers love such characters as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, or Ethan Winters – the protagonist of RE 7 Biohazard and RE Village.

A flawless series

Almost every multi-sequel franchise has its flaws because it’s pretty easy to miss players’ expectations. Particularly, when some fans crave more of the same and others demand revolutionary changes. Fortunately, even though not every Resident Evil game was perfect, the series has never failed to deliver. Even significant modifications like the switch from TPP to FPP or multiple changes of protagonists have been well-received. Unfortunately, this applies only to the main series. Most of the series’ spin-offs met with mixed reception, and some were actually mercilessly panned.

Fear is important

We love being scared, and Capcom knows how to take advantage of it. Since its very beginning, the series has been using fearsome enemies, the atmosphere of constant danger, and carefully placed jump scares. The developers admitted that during the development of Resident Evil VII, they’ve been checking each scene to determine if it’s scary enough.

Successful movie franchise

Many video game series tried to lunch a movie franchise. Most failed right at the beginning. Some, such as Mortal Kombat, had a promising start but a disaster stroke with a sequel. Only Resident Evil was able to manage a multiple-sequel series without any reboots or spectacular fails. Moreover, the first Resident Evil won its place on our list of the best films based on video games

Perhaps the key to success was to create its own story instead of copying the game’s plot. Resident Evil movies are loosely based on the game’s story. Furthermore, Alice is a whole new character. And while some of the games’ protagonists appeared in the films, they played minor roles.


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