Halloween 21 on GAMIVO — check out our spooky sales!

Promotions 29/10/2021

The season of the Witch is finally upon us, and to celebrate we’ve prepared a very spooky Halloween for you on GAMIVO! Let’s see the fang-tastic prizes and scary games we have for you. 

Get ready for trick-or-treating on GAMIVO! This year we are treating you with spooky prizes, monstrous coupons, and chilling games to play on Halloween night! Will you dare to check it out?

A very spooky giveaway 

To celebrate Halloween and put you in a spooky mood we have prepared a Halloween Giveaway for you. Among our tasty sweet prizes are two Bluetooth Aurora Speakers, UPS PowerWalker, and balances on GAMIVO, two for €25 and one for €15, which you can use to buy anything you wish on GAMIVO! 

Monstrous coupons

Moreover, we’ve prepared three coupons you can use on any purchase, you make GAMIVO:


This brain-eating undead coupon gives you a 50% discount on purchases up to €5. Use it to become a killer on a hunt in Dead by Daylight, try to survive the asylum from hell in Outlast, or venture through a desert while pulling together pieces of your past in Amnesia: Rebirth. All this for less than €5!


This haunting coupon gives you a 25% discount on purchases up to €10. Fight the flesh-hungry zombies in 7 Days to Die and Dying Light: The Following, or live the true horror by trying to survive in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for less than €10!


This magical coupon gives you a 10% discount on purchases up to €50. Find Ethan’s kidnapped daughter in Resident Evil: Village, make life-or-death decisions while exploring the sunken wreck of a plane in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, or solve the mysteries of the evil Signal Tower’s transmissions in Little Nightmares II. You can buy all of these chilling games for less than €50 on GAMIVO!

Horror Games Collection

At GAMIVO, we really care about our horror-loving players. So if you like spending your free time playing scary games in a dark room, and gory scenes don’t send chills down your spine our Horror Collection is just for you!

The Horror collection includes all the best-selling horror games you can think of, such as Layers of Fear, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, or Dead Space 3

Are you brave enough to check out the Horror Collection that will make your blood run cold and give you goosebumps? 

Buy horror games on GAMIVO

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