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Desperados 3: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the best and most hardcore tactical games has returned. Desperados 3 is a prequel of the classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive where you’ll once again step into the shoes of gunslinger John Cooper and his gang. On this story of revenge and redemption, you’ll guide John and his ragtag team across the perilous Wild West. You’ll make use of a multitude of destructive abilities and tactics to wreak havoc across old frontier-style scenes. All the while being devious and sneaky. Here’s everything you need to know about Desperados 3.

The Gang of Desperados 3

John Cooper may be the lead protagonist but his team is just as important. As the main man himself, you’ll have access to a variety of options. A jack-of-all-trades if you will. He can both take out foes silently with his knife as well as gun down a group with his revolver. Runaway bride turned femme fatale Kate is a master of deception and stealth. With the right outfit, she can distract and seduce enemies getting her close enough to take them out with her hidden pistol. Hector uses his brute strength to take down enemies caught in his bear trap with his axe. The trickster bounty hunter McCoy uses a variety of traps and gases to peel hapless enemies from their pack and takes them out swiftly. Finally, there’s Isabelle who’s got her bag of tricks but we won’t spoil them for you.

Desperdaos 3 gameplay screen

Do It Your Way

Desperados 3 takes a lot of cues from other tactical games and adds its brand of stealth and destruction to form a unique experience. With the number of abilities at your disposal, you can choose how to take on each scenario. Take advantage of your stealthier characters to thin out the herd before clearing out the area. If that’s not your style, you can use the environment to cause chaos and pick off the stragglers. You can even mount a ranged offense and take down your foes before they even get close. The variety of options in Desperados 3 makes the game highly replayable.

Get Ready for a Showdown

The key new mechanic in Desperados 3 takes its tactical gameplay to a whole new level. With the press of a button, you can pause the action and enter Showdown Mode. In this state, you’ll be able to navigate the scene freely and make decisions on how you’ll approach situations. Found yourself ambushed? Go into Showdown Mode and plan your escape. Your stealthers were found? Freeze what’s going on and decide who you’ll send for support. It’s an extremely versatile feature that adds a whole new dimension to the classic Desperados gameplay.

Desperdaos Bridge explosion

All in all, Desperados 3 takes what is familiar and improves upon it dramatically. With a host of character abilities at your fingertips and Showdown Mode, you can play however you wish. And with an abundance of Replay Challenges, it’s replay value is quite impressive.

Desperdaos 3 Church

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