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Puzzle video games are all about thinking. Creative thinking in puzzle games is always rewarded. Players need to think about proper solutions in order to advance the game further. Challenge your brain in puzzle video games!

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For many players, constant action isn’t enough to create satisfying gameplay - if you like your games to intellectually stimulate you, puzzle games will be perfect. The appeal of puzzle games is in their ability to spark curiosity and make us question, analyze, and conquer challenges through strategic thinking. Here at GAMIVO, you’ll find the best puzzle games available - from AAA titles to indie gems.


What to look for in puzzle games?

Puzzle games’ main beauty lies in their diversity, offering something for everyone - from the casual gamer looking for a relaxing pastime, to the avid player seeking more complex challenges. Problem-solving is the core of any good puzzle game and can include anything from solving riddles to manoeuvring objects into specific spots. 


As players progress, the game gets more and more difficult, offering a scaling challenge that keeps players engaged. The instant gratification that comes with solving puzzles is what makes puzzle games so popular, helping develop spatial perception, memory, logic, and critical thinking. 


What are the best puzzle games?

Whether you’re gaming on PC or on a console, there are a ton of fun puzzle games to discover - here are the most notable of them:

  • Tetris - Probably the most famous puzzle game of all time, featuring a simple yet addictive gameplay that made it a timeless hit.

  • Portal and Portal 2 - Developed by Valve, the Portal series combines first-person action gameplay with challenging puzzle mechanics based on portals, all set within a deep and engaging narrative

  • The Witness - An open-world puzzle game that encourages exploration and discovery, with beautiful landscapes and a variety of intricate puzzles to solve.

  • Limbo - An atmospheric puzzle-platformer, known for its monochrome visuals and thought-provoking puzzles. Make sure to also try Inside from the same developers, which features a new story, but familiar mechanics.

  • The Talos Principle - If you’re looking for a game that will make you think, this is it. A more philosophical take on first-person puzzle games.