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Warning: The Rocksmith Real Tone Cable is not included with the purchase of Rocksmith and must be purchased separately.

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Rocksmith - Remastered

5.0 /5 (3 recensioni)
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Become a guitar god

Connect your electric guitar into a system and play every day getting better and better!Learn all fret positions, scales, and chords. The game tracks your progress so you can see yourself growing. Imagine having a seasoned, old guitar teacher ready to turn on at any given moment to instill you with all of their wisdom. Learn advanced techniques like harmonics, tapping. As you progress, things improve. The game impressively scales the difficulty level. At first, try playing a song with its very effortless version. Play only some of all notes and if you’ll do it perfectly, the game will notice it right away. The next time around the easy section will be cranked up in complexity while the parts you may have flubbed will stick to basics. Rocksmith 2014 is filled with a variety of play styles so every single guitar player will find something interesting to learn.

Play games & your favourite songs

Rocksmith 2014 Edition features a variety of games that will teach you different guitar skills. Learn the guitar basics by playing hilarious mini-games and feel proud of yourself as you progress. There are scale games, harmonic games, chord games and so much more. But that’s not even highlighting the absolute best feature of the game - songs! Nothing is better than playing your favourite songs. Learning the guitar by playing them and tracking the progress will give you tons of fun and entertainment. Rocksmith 2014 Edition perfectly detects all notes and chords from the guitar as you play them.

Work hard with the lessons

Learning theory and technique is not as exciting as playing along with licensed music but is necessary to master all guitar skills. Discover the effective learning tools that serve to make playing your favourite songs even more enjoyable. The early lessons can feel like a waste of time for experienced players but they progress quickly to more complex topics. Unless you’re entering as an expert already, you’ll find plenty of lessons that will test your skill.

The session mode

Jam with the virtual band and practice sweet solos and riffs. The session mode allows you to create a custom band with your favourite instruments and then jam with it. Build a band that includes drums, bass guitar, piano, and rhythm guitar and play a freestyle to various cool backgrounds. Choose the root note, scales that you want to practice, tempo, and the type of groove. The band will play accordingly to your style of playing. If you want to play the guitar, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game because it’s not just a game.

Easily find your favourite songs

Sort all songs by title, artist, tuning, or search songs by typing keywords, title or artist.You can also filter songs by favourites or song lists. Song lists are the new expansion of the favourites list. There are 4 of them and you can use them as a filter and you can also use them as a non-stop play. Shuffle your songs by tuning so you no longer have to retune your guitar in a session. You can also play the song list which gives you to set up different routines like maybe you want to play all metal or all soft songs. Shuffle the paths so you can play the lead guitar, rhythm guitar or lead and rhythm with alternate arrangements mixed in.

Riff repeater

Choose a small region of a song to slowly repeat if you need more practice. Easily adjust the speed, the number of repeats and everything that will make you better at playing a particular fragment of a song.

Design your own tone

Rocksmith 2014 edition features a variety of virtual amps, that let you customize your toneand use your console as an amplifier combo. Each amp includes 6 different tone options.You can also pick up some pedals, that will provide you your favourite guitar effects. Choose between overdrives, fuzzes, delays, and choruses.

  • A variety of different songs to learn
  • Mini-games developing guitar skills
  • Lessons including guitar basics and complex techniques like sweep picking, tapping
  • A variety of amplifiers and guitar effects which you can be used to build your favourite tone
  • The session mode that allows playing with a virtual band, choose your favourite instruments as a background

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Recensioni (3)

DSK2000Data della recensione: 12.04.2020
L'utente ha acquistato Rocksmith - Remastered 2014 Edition EN/DE/FR/IT/JA/ES Global da:
If you wanna learn to play guitar and bass buy this game, you can plug your electric guitar and start learning from the best, Aerosmith, Nirvana, a more songs from another artist are available to play. Also this is the best price out there.
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HellrazaData della recensione: 10.07.2021
This is an awesome game for anyone who has picked up a guitar or wants to learn. You plug in a real electric guitar with a special cable (needed to play the game). You can play rhythm, lead or bass. It starts off slow and easy and as you progress it gets harder and faster. The game scrolls through like guitar hero (if you have ever played that) and tells you what string to push and what fret you need to be on. It progresses as you learn and can do things like hammer on, pull offs, slides, bends, chords etc. It's a really fun game when you start nailing some riffs of your favorite songs (lots of dlc's). You can even practice a section, slow it down, make it faster, level up or level down. You will be shredding up the garage and waking the neighbors in no time.
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c..6@gmail.comData della recensione: 22.01.2020
L'utente ha acquistato Rocksmith - Remastered 2014 Edition EN/DE/FR/IT/JA/ES Global da:
Honestly it is a great game (but we can't really call it just a game) for who likes playing guitar/bass. A must have!
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