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Black Witchcraft

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Devils emerged from the residence of the Witch Hunter family, House of Usher. His younger sisters, Madeleine and the Raven, who tried to stop Rodrick's atrocities, used Black Witchcraft in their previous lives Madeleine devotes her body to a previous life of the black-haired witch, 'Ligeia'. At first, Lydia was not very interested, but she was forced to pay by the ravens to stop the resurrection of the dangerous witch, Lenore Magu-gu, along with Durahan, heads toward the street. Arriving at Usher's mansion, Lydia and her party are chasing the truth of the incident to prevent Rodrick's plan to revive Lenore.

  • Gothic-style fantasy and mystery - Dark & Gothic worldview and bizarre yet mysterious stage composition. The interior of the mansion, which is divided into countless pieces due to its grain, is structured like a band of Mobius, in which each space is repeated indefinitely. Here, Ligeia has to find a direction to go with a special item, connect the space, and find a passage. Humans possessed by demons, demons who hide signs from the walls and watch the situation, doppelganger demons who stole Lydia's image, etc. Characters with their own characteristics appear, and as we battle or talk with them, let's reveal the full extent of the mysterious incident happening in House of Usher.
  • A cheerful combination of various and special skills - The main character's weapon is a magic tool that transforms into various weapons. Use colorful skills to wipe out demons, wielding a spear, an axe, a sickle, and more than yourself. In addition to that, Lydia's ability changes with equipment.  You can customize and play games to your taste, such as Weapon Skills, where Durahan's skill performance changes. Design your own Ligeia and fight!
  • A deep story and multi-end - The riddles and facts surrounding the resurrection of the sealed witch Lenore are hints to the truth! You can also get a hint through the sub quest, and there are quests that serve as a stepping stone for the true ending! If you enjoy various contents, you can see the hidden ending...

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