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The Fate Of The Bully

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description Description et exigences

The city is full of crime and our hero by any means must survive here. He will have to ask for money from passers-by, sometimes steal money in order to survive in these harsh conditions. From the first minutes of the game you will immediately be given a unique task. You have to quickly perform tasks, move to locations and talk to the NPC, and at the same time monitor your hunger indicator and health. You will have to regularly visit grocery stores. So you always need to take care that in your pocket was enough money for food. By completing missions, you earn reputation and money. Become an authoritative Gopnik in the city and win the hearts of young priestesses.

Let me introduce myself, I'm a mugger, a thief. Do not rush to turn away from me his "Holy" face. Every one of you could be in my place. Sometimes there are circumstances that force a man of good character to become a criminal. It's not happening of its own free will. Almost Dostoevsky – "do You understand, my dear sir, what it means when there is nowhere else to go?»
I had to leave my old place, leave a high-paying job to get lost in the big city. I didn't run from trial. My escape was the only way I thought I could stay alive. I happened to witness a crime. What, let me keep silent. But believe me, these people weren't going to let me live.
Once in a strange city without means of livelihood, I myself, ironically, was on a criminal road, as an honest way to survive I failed: neither money nor documents I had. Do not judge strictly "honest" Gopnik. Although unlikely for my sins I will be justified in an earthly court. I already punished myself when I took the criminal path.

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The fate Of The Bully

you really got nothing to lose with this title the game is 20 pence in the uk so why not pick it up? Its okay nothing special though just give it a try
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