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Hearts of Iron IV - Mobilization Pack

5.0 /5 (1 commentaires)
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This bundle includes the following:

  • Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition
  • Together for Victory
  • Death or Dishonor
  • Waking the Tiger
  • Man the Guns
  • La Resistance

Three ideologies compete for dominance in a world still reeling from the costs of the First World War. Powers once thought crippled by a punitive peace or a brutal revolution are now rising to challenge the world order. Old empires are teetering on the edge of collapse, while visions of new empires fill the dreams of others. Do you have the strategic acumen to win the greatest conflict in human history?

This Hearts of Iron IV bundle gives you command of the world’s greatest armies and the industrial might behind them. Including the base game and the four first expansions to Hearts of Iron IV, this package includes the historical war experience as well as many alternate history paths that will tickle your imagination.

The best-selling World War II strategy-wargame lets you take control of any nation on earth in the planet’s darkest hour. Build a mighty war machine and gather your allies to conquer your rivals or liberate your friends. Impose Democracy, Communism or Fascism on a turbulent world. Create detailed battle plans and research new ways of war. Also includes Poland: United and Ready DLC, where the player can try to hold back the German attack or find other ways to survive and grow.


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zandiDate de l'avis : 07.12.2020
Well i have the whole pack and must say that without it game is lesser fun, because each of dlc gives a important feature to the game Together for Victory gives a autonomy-puppet mechanic which is very important in late game. Death or Dishonor gives equipment license so if you want fast army development its without it it's not possible. Waking the Tiger gives new actions in the command staff menu and new perks for commanders to choose. Man the Guns gives for the game new fleet development system same to the rest tank development system, new units in the research tree for fleet, new skill system for admirals, and government on exile system, that makes the game more natural in playing, this dlc ads benzine oil as a resource, so building refinery makes sense. DLC Adds also new music, very climatic , better sounds and new difficulty level, so if you like World war 2 grand strategy Hoi 4 mobilization pack is a must have also if you bored of base you can add mods from steam
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