Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a dark and gritty drama featuring two men, one is a flawed mercenary and the other a medicated psychopath. Forced together on a violent and chaotic path of redemption and revenge, no action is considered too harsh as this volatile partnership is pushed beyond reason in this brutally realistic, character-driven third person action shooter. 

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A crime experience you shouldn't miss

The story is great and the protagonists are the anti-heroes you have always seen in the movies. If you enjoy crime movies with bad guys, robberies, betrayings, revenges and oh bullets...you should play this game.
The graphics are outdated of course, but the soundtrack is well done.
Sadly the AI of your teammates is not very Intelligent and will get them in trouble more than once. It's better if you order them to take cover, when there are many enemies shooting at you. Anyway they will often come to help you if you're down and their aim is good.
Another bad thing about fighting is the grenade mechanic: really, really, really bad.
However get it to enjoy a cool crime story!
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