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Compra Firewatch Turkey Xbox One/Series/Windows

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Why you should buy Firewatch?

  • You enjoy games without combat.
  • You like to focus on the narrative while playing.
  • You are a fan of wandering around in the wilderness.

Wyoming wilderness

Firewatch is an indie adventure game focused on solving a mystery. Take on the role of Henry, a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness in 1989. The calm and steady life close to nature seems like a perfect opportunity for someone who tries to escape his messy past. But with a hot, dry summer on the horizon, the job won’t be a piece of cake.

Away from the world

Living in the wilderness may seem quite lonely – luckily, you can always contact your supervisor, Delilah, over a small, handheld radio. But that’s your only way to connect with the world outside the mountains. Climb to the top of your lookout tower and make this place your new home.

Something strange is going on

Everything was pretty fine, until one day Henry spotted something strange from his lookout tower. Take the challenge to investigate the forest and explore a wild and unknown environment. This unique adventure will force Henry to ask himself some serious questions and make him face the difficult choices that can build or destroy the only meaningful relationship in his life.

The beauty of nature

Firewatch is an undeniably beautiful game, with outstanding art design focused on presenting the beauty of nature. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets over the mountains of Wyoming and experience an environment expanding as you explore it. Everything with an ambient original soundtrack, that’ll make you wish to stay in the game forever.

Firewatch - key features:

  • A compelling, mysterious story,
  • Well-done writing of a personal story,
  • A beautiful environment of Wyoming’s wilderness,
  • Realistic dialogues,
  • Ambient original soundtrack.

Idiomas disponibles

EnglishGermanFrenchJapaneseRussianSimplified ChineseSpanish


Clasificación ESRB:

MATUREEl contenido es apto para mayores de 17 años. Puede contener violencia extrema, contenido sangriento o sexual y lenguaje soez.


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