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Anno 2070: Deep Ocean

Requires Anno 2070 on Uplay in order to use.

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Anno 2070 Deep Ocean. The rise of the Techs cannot be stopped.

Due to their constant thriving for innovation and research, they will become the most dominant and advanced civilization in ANNO 2070: Deep Ocean. Hidden in the depths of the oceans for centuries, the Techs finally succeed to find a solution for all energy problems. Thanks to new technology it is now possible to produce and distribute energy in a whole new way. But every advancement is accompanied by new challenges and risks. Will you be able to handle the situation?

  • In the depth of the ocean, hidden in overgrown stones for years, the Techs unleash their ultimate power: the geothermal energy generation. The most powerful tool of the future forces the world of 2070 to expand their explorations into the deep blue sea, becoming the focus of gameplay, underwater plateaus setting offers new industries and large production chains and formerly unknown resources.
  • This success elevates the Techs to a new level: The Genius Population. They assert themselves even over the sea's surface. Impressive monuments, various new buildings, and recent demands strengthen their position.
  • Underwater exploration and exploitation will require you to take advantage of your environment mastering a brand new resource, using both diplomacy and trade as your most powerful weapons to make your civilization thrive in this hostile environment.
  • Bound to islands lost to the deep blue sea you will have to conquer remaining stretches of land, and dive underwater to create a futuristic submerged industry supporting your expanding economy.
  • To nurture your supremacy build new buildings, erect monuments, open power plants, exploit exclusive energy fonts, develop underwater trading routes... evolve, grow, and gain access to a new civilization development stage getting control of the advanced Genius population.
  • Even though evolution is at the very heart of the gameplay, don't underestimate your environment. You might be confronted with devastating natural disasters such as a tsunami which could tip the balance to your detriment!

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