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Music / rhythm games can be a real treat for people who love great sound design with tight controls. In rhythm video games gamers can expect an amazing soundtracki with colorful graphics and outstanding design.

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Are you a music enthusiast, or do you find comfort in the pulse of beats and the rhythm of melodies? Ever dreamt of stepping into a virtual arena to compose, perform, or just ride the rhythm? Let us welcome you to the enchanting realm of music video games, where rhythm and interaction play in perfect harmony. Here at GAMIVO, you’ll find the best music games at affordable prices!


Understanding music video games

Music video games are an addictive blend of gaming and music, where players are required to perform tasks linked to music, rhythm, or dance. While playing, you might find yourself hitting drums in perfect timing, pressing buttons in tune with a melody, or dancing to beats in your living room. 


They are much more than just games; they are interactive experiences that celebrate the joy of music in an immersive digital landscape. It's time to tune into the beat and lose yourself in the rhythm!


What is the allure of music games?

Music video games aren't just games; they're a language spoken by millions of people worldwide, cutting across barriers of age, culture, and skill. The appeal of these games lies in their unique blend of creativity, hand-eye coordination, and auditory perception. They test your musical mettle, improve your rhythm and timing, and deliver a full dose of fun!


Plus, they often come with a high replay value, as every new play-through can offer a different experience. If you're a music enthusiast, these games are a symphony waiting for you to conduct!


Music games you need to play

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of music and video games and feel the rhythm coursing through your veins. Dance, play, create, enjoy – this is your symphony to conduct. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of the greatest music games of all time:


  • Guitar Hero Series - Live your dream of being a rockstar, strumming the strings and hitting notes with precision. Guitar Hero combines fantastic tracks and engaging gameplay, creating a rewarding musical experience.

  • Dance Dance Revolution - Break a sweat as you move and groove to the rhythm. Dance Dance Revolution brings the club to your living room, inviting you to dance on a mat corresponding to on-screen prompts.

  • Beat Saber - Virtual reality at its best, Beat Saber is a rhythm game where you slash beats of adrenaline-pumping music. It's an immersive experience of rhythm, agility, and a bit of sci-fi.

  • Rock Band Series - Ever wanted to start your own band? Rock Band lets you live that dream. With various instruments at your disposal, you and your friends can jam to countless tracks.

  • osu! - An addictive rhythm game, osu! is all about clicking, sliding, and holding in time to the beat. It offers an extensive music library and even an option to create your own beatmaps.