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Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Mafia 2

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Mafia 2 may look like your typical run-of-the-mill open-world games but it’s setting offers up a different experience. Taking place in the fictional city of Empire Bay, which is loosely inspired by other US cities like New York and Detroit, you operate as a member of a Godfather-like mafia group. The story of the game takes place in two timelines, the late 1940s, and the early 1950s. This gives the game a more unique approach to an open-world story. As can expect, getting the most out of your time as a gangster in Mafia 2.

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Mafia 2 Difficulty Settings are Misleading

This is more of a caveat rather than a tip. Open-world games seldom have difficulty settings which make their inclusion in Mafia 2 a bit odd. Regardless, don’t be fooled as the highest difficulty in the game is not as challenging as you’d expect. Consider it the normal intended difficulty unless you want to deal with NPCs standing around while you shoot them.

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Load Up As You Go

One other strange thing that Mafia 2 does is that it always starts off missions arming you with merely a pistol. That’s not to say that you can’t finish them with anything but a pistol. It just means that you’ll have to keep an eye out for weapon drops from enemies. Unless you’re hankering to use a particular gun, don’t feel like you always have to take a trip to the dealer first.

Become a Mafia Car Collector

Much like GTA, Mafia 2 offers a lot of options in terms of cars that you can use throughout the game. Some are fast while others are bulky and make for good bullet sponges. Either way, they’ll allow you to explore even the farthest reaches of Empire Bay. Eventually, though, you’ll grow quite fond of some. That’s where car garages come into play. Not only do they make accessing your favorite rides easily, but also allow you to be ready for any situation. Storage is limited, however, so choose your wheels wisely.

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Be Aware of Locked Collectables

As every self-respecting open-world game out there, Mafia 2 has its fair share of collectibles. Two types, however, have some limitations. The first are Wanted Posters. The game has a total of 159 of them and can be found throughout the sandbox. What you need to be careful of is that some of them can only be found during a specific period. The other type is Playboy magazines. These can become unobtainable after you finish particular missions. Make sure you search every nook and cranny wherever you go in case you miss out.

Eating is Good for Your HP

One thing the early tutorials in Mafia 2 seem to neglect to tell you about is that eating heals you. Not only that, but it also resets your maximum health. Considering the number of things you have to do in the game, it’s easy to not realize this. Whenever you stumble out of a mission half-dead, be sure to hit the fridge in your apartment or a local restaurant for a recharge.

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