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Sifu: What’s special about the game?

News 27/01/2022

There was a time when beat ’em up games were among the most popular video games genres. Even though the golden era of fighting games is long over, we can still find outstanding kung fu releases. The upcoming Sifu game is one of the best examples. Let’s take a look at the new title from the Absolver creators. 

Sloclap Studio, funded by former Ubisoft employees, debuted with 2017’s Absolver. The developers have made their presence felt in the gaming world with this martial arts-focused RPG. The new game is another step forward for the studio. Some players ask: what does Sifu mean? It’s a Cantonese word for a master or a skillful person, so it seems to be quite a proper title for a game about kung fu.  

Sifu gameplay

Unlike Absolver, Sifu exclusively offers a single-player experience. Its plot seems to be quite simple: you’ve got one mission in your life – avenge your murdered father. To achieve your vengeful goal, you have to track down five people responsible for his death. Of course, they’re well guarded and not easy to find, so you’ll have to knock out hundreds of goons, thugs, and martial artists to deliver them justice. 

In Sifu, every problem can be solved with precisely dealt kicks and punches. Consequently, the game emphasizes combat. Sifu gameplay is a combination of classic beat ’em up and a modern action-adventure game with the third-person perspective. The core of the game is kung fu. There are about 150 different attacks, so you’ll have a lot of options during fights. You may evade enemies’ blows or parry them to get a chance for instant counterattacks, use push back and perform stunning takedowns. Moreover, just like in Jackie Chan movies, you will fight multiple enemies at once and use pieces of the environment as a valuable ally. You may throw a chair at your adversaries, knock them out against walls, use their weapons against them, or even hit one thug with another. You can be really creative!

It’s also worth mentioning that Sloclap consulted the game’s combat system with a Bak Mei kung fu master, Benjamin Culos, to make the Sifu gameplay as realistic as possible.

Death is your opportunity

Nobody, maybe except Dark Souls fans, likes to see their character die. However, in Sifu, death could be an opportunity. The protagonist embarks on the journey as a 20-year-old kung fu student and ages with every defeat. After each death, your character gets older and becomes more vulnerable to attacks but gets more experienced and more powerful as well. Furthermore, you can upgrade your character and unlock new skills after your defeat. As a result, the protagonist’s death may be necessary to crush some enemies. Nonetheless, you have to be careful because when your character is around 70 years old, the protagonist’s death ends the righteous mission you’re on.

Sifu release date

Fighting games fans won’t have to wait long to deal some smashing blows. Sifu release date is set to February 8, 2022. The new Sloclap game is coming to multiple platforms. Sifu PS4, PS5, and PC versions are going to be available. As for now, there is no information about the Xbox and Switch ports of the game. 

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