What is Prince of Persia and would you play it?

General News 02/07/2020

Prince of Persia

First ever Prince of Persia game to come out was released in 1989. It was a 2D platformer with hints of combat. Game mostly focused on avoiding the traps and progressing the story line – to defeat the Grand Vizier ‘Jaffar’ and save an imprisoned princess.

The game sparked a huge wave of new game releases, over 13 more games were developed revolving around the Prince’s adventures.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

One of the most known Prince of Persia game. The video game itself had ground-breaking mechanics, it revolved around time manipulation with the help of ‘Dagger of time‘.

The Prince could rewind time at his will, giving the player a creative life system. As long as the dagger had charges in it (obtained by killing monsters or exploration) the player could rewind any mistake or death. The puzzle-platform section of the game was flawlessly executed by the game’s developers and to this day video game creators take inspiration from it. Prince’s main contextual move is wall-running, most of the platforming was created in having wall-running in mind. The Prince could either run a set distance on a one wall or jump from wall to wall.

Combat for that time was quite complex, the possible moves varied depending on the Prince’s position and the players inputs. The player could perform combo attacks by buffering multiple attack commands at once. In addition to that, the game’s main mechanic – time manipulation could also be used during the fights and the Dagger of Time plays a huge role during the skirmishes as the enemies can only be killed by it.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Third iteration of the Sand of Time trilogy. Strongest points of the previous PoP games were refined and improved upon.The video game still revolves around Prince’s acrobatic abilities, combat prowess and time manipulation via the Dagger of Time. The Prince has been granted more acrobatic capabilities. In the game the player will additionally be able to slide down chutes and balance on swinging poles. Combat system has also been improved upon and the developers included an instant-kill mechanic by stealthy approaching the opponent and performing a QTE (Quick Time Event). That means pressing correct buttons that show up on the screen at the right moment.

Additionally, the game creators decided to include a split personality system in the game. Now the player will be able to control the ‘Dark Prince’ – while transformed the Dark Prince will constantly lose health. Putting the player on a set timer and adding more action to the game play.
However, health can be replenished by collecting Sand, from either a monster or object.
Last but not least, during the transformation the prince loses ability to wield a secondary weapon – instead the Dark Prince is equipped with a whip that is outstanding in the medium range combat.

Prince of Persia: Escape

Latest installement in the franchise, unfortunately the game went a different route than the fans wanted it to. The game became a free-to-play mobile game from the ‘Endless Runner’ genre.
The game has only a one main mechanic – jumping. The player will have to time Prince’s jumps correctly in order to survive and progress to the next levels.

What’s the future of Prince of Persia games?

At the moment there’s no hints of the game being revived to its glorious state from the past, fans can only hope and track developers’ Twitter accounts for any hints…

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