Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is finally here!

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A few things are given in this world, sun rises every day, earth is round and that Call of Duty releases a new tittle every year. One would think that releasing a game every year would dwindle on its quality. In Call of Duty’s case they could not be more mistaken. Modern Warfare and Warzone has proven us that Call of Duty franchise is still strong and still in the game. After playing the beta of Cold War we can with confidence say that the game is amazing and it’s something you cannot miss!

Singleplayer campaign

Amazing storyline developed by the best writers of Raven Software will bring hours of fun for every gamer. The gripping single-player experience where players will take part in historical events and meet known figures will surely leave something to remember. Accompanied by breathtaking graphics and outstanding soundtrack will guarantee gamers hours of enjoyment.


Call of Duty is known for being one of the best FPS shooters out there. Signature gunplay is back, level up your weapons and season pass be taking part in countless events. Black Ops: Cold War will reward you for making bold plays, 360 noscope your opponent through the entire map? Not a problem in Call of Duty! Adjust your gear to fit your playstyle, there’s everything for everybody. Are you a flanking madman that takes advantage of enemy blind spots? The SMGs and Shotguns will help you with that! Or are you more of a tactical player that takes advantage of open areas? Well, the Sniper and Marksman rifles will do just fine! ( Or a quickscoping god that rushes into the battle) Assault rifles will cover just about everything, but they are best for the medium-range combat.


3 words: Zombies. Are. Back. The long anticipated game mode makes it’s grant comeback in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Team up (or play alone) against horde of zombies. Terrifying journey awaits you, will you be able to survive flood of the undead? With each wave face off new challenges, new zombie types and always increasing numbers of the foes.


Warzone needs to have it’s own paragraph. The gamemode is anticipated by many, good ol’ formula or battleroyale is back and stronger than ever. It will be integrated with the current version of Warzone, Modern Warfare and Cold War will be merged. Players can expect lots new content, monthly updates and more!


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