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Santa Ragione


Santa Ragione

Release date:




Why should you buy Saturnalia:

  • You're a fan of third-person roguelite horror.
  • A good puzzle is something that you love.
  • Unique graphics in games catch your eyes.

Roguelite horror adventure

An action-packed horror roguelite in third person with multiple characters.

Play as four people in a game with a plot that is deeply connected to the uncanny traditions of an old town allows you to experience the folklore of Sardinia in Italy - a country rich in peculiar traditions and culture.

You will have to investigate and uncover the mysteries of the game largely on your own because the town is a complicated maze that features an evolving terrain.

Every time you end up dead you are going to see, that the village rearranges itself into a new form of a labyrinth. With the resources and tools you acquire along the way, overcome obstacles and uncover shortcuts to new locations to complete each chapter of the game. Each character has a unique set of abilities that make them suitable for a specific region of exploration and investigation.

Can you navigate the fog to uncover the truth with a limited supply of matches to light your path with the night closing in? Or would the mysteries that this village doesn't wish for you to know to overtake you?

Saturnalia - key features:

  • Every time one of your characters dies, the village's structure changes.
  • Continue the story even after a game is over thanks to roguelite mechanics.
  • Dynamic, versatile, and non-linear storyline.
  • Visuals shaped on stop-motion and rotoscoping filmmaking.
Saturnalia EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global

Unusual graphics in horror game.

Saturnalia EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global

You character die, village changes.


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classificação esrb:

MATUREConteúdo geralmente adequado para pessoas a partir dos 17 anos. Pode conter violência intensa, sangue e violência, conteúdo sexual e/ou linguagem forte.


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