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Riot Access Code EUR EU

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Why you should buy a Riot Access Code:

  • A perfect gift for someone who loves Riot games.
  • It lets you gain Riot points without a credit card.
  • Easy to use, with a variety of balances.

No idea what gift to buy for a gamer?

No matter how much you want to spend on a gift for a gamer, a gift card is always a brilliant idea. Riot Access Code will let any fan of Riot Games gain Riot points to use in a game of their choice. There’s no way for any Riot Games fun to be disappointed with such a gift.

World-famous online games

Riot Access Code gives you the points to buy anything in games from amazing Riot franchises, including world-famous titles like League of Legends (LoL) or Valorant. The choice is yours - you can choose a purchase right at the price of your card, top your account with additional cash, or buy a cheaper add-on and save the rest of your Riot points for later!

No credit card is needed

Buying stuff online usually requires your credit card data. It’s completely understandable that not everyone feels safe sharing their bank account details. With a Riot Access Code, your purchases are completely safe and you do not need to share any sensitive data. You only need to redeem the code within your account.

Riot Access Code: how to use

  • Log into your Riot Game Client with your game account,
  • Select “Store,”
  • Select “Purchase RP,”
  • Select “Prepaid Cards” and enter the code from your gift card,
  • Submit.

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