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Jordy Lakiere


Jordy Lakiere

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To victory and glory

Take charge of a gladiator with only one life, and send him to... unavoidable death. Or to glory and victory. Because each run is unique! The path to success is not linear - to survive over time, try various strategies and improvise using randomization. Deal with unforeseen circumstances, select your upcoming matches, satisfy the wealthy spectators and the audiences, build up your training schedule, buy information, recruit experts... and much more. Make progress and buy or loot armor and weaponry. Learn eight different weapon classes with unique gameplay. Spend your hard-earned gold, exercise your influence, and assemble your character's wardrobe.

Prepare to rediscover the art of combat

This game presents a unique physics-based combat system with directional strikes - mastering it's not easy and will take some time. You always fully control your character thanks to intricate inputs, so never see the animation play. But fear not - these gladiators are there to be killed.

Combat in this game requires practice - in the beginning, it will be challenging to even strike things correctly. Pressing random buttons in a panic will just send your gladiator to an even early demise. You must calm down and pay attention to win and master fighting. You will gain knowledge about how to move, how to use momentum to strike HARD, and how to hit specific weak points, and eventually, you will invent your own movements and fight in your own way.

Terantia - welcome to the arena

Enter one of more than a dozen arenas, all in different sizes, designs and unpredictable variations. Take part in intense one-on-one duels or group fights that put your talents to the test.

How long can you hold out before meeting your destined demise in glory?


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