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Watch Dogs: Legion Intel Voucher

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How to activate:

  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your existing Ubisoft login or create a new account.
  • Enter the code below and click "Send Code".
  • Please select Watch Dogs: Legion
  • You will then receive a confirmation email and be able to download the game you selected in Ubisoft Connect for the PC client.


Well-known franchise is again, spoiling its fans with an amazing tittle in the collection! Watch Dogs: Legion will revolutionize and re-define what means to be in a middle of a city downfall. All citizens are oppressed by technology: all-seeing surveillance state, private militia control the streets and criminal syndicate is preying on the vulnerable. The future of London is in your hands.

In WATCH DOGS:® LEGION you are free to play as every citizen of London, you can recruit just about anyone, each character has a different set of skills, get to know them and make sure you pick a right character for the right job. If you wish to save the city by having a gang of elderly people go for it! Nothing is going to stop you from doing so.

WATCH DOGS:® LEGION  characters can we switched between seamlessly, by using them in missions and other various game events you can improve their traits and skillsets. Be careful though! Once one your recruit dies there is no way of bringing them back to life. All deaths are permanent so think twice before making a move!

Explore a massive urban world featuring London's many iconic landmarks, if you can see it that means you can go there. The game will not limit you from going into different places. Moreover, it will encourage you to do so! *Grab your friends* and check out what the game has to offer, London is yours to liberate!

The game not only allows the player freedom of gameplay, but also in customization! You can come up with some real good lookin' outfits for your gang or you can go full wacky mode and make your characters looks hilarious. Taking on a stealth mission with a shining bright like a star outfit? That won't be a problem for you! The only thing that stops you is not having the game already purchased so what are you waiting for? On GAMIVO you'll get a WATCH DOGS:® LEGION  at the lowest price on the market!


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