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Waifu Master

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Waifu Master - help your waifu prove that she is the coolest and the most successful girl in the city!

Izumi, your faithful anime girlfriend, has decided to participate in the "Brave Moe" extreme competition. Now she has to prove that she herself, without any help from her family, is able to break through in life.

According to the rules of the competition, you are the only one who can give pieces of advice to Izumi. With the help of them, she is going to turn from a shy schoolgirl into a confident student and then even start her own business!

You are to keep track of the girl's stats and complete various tasks, from a simple walk in a park to the graduation from university. Waifu will be able to gain experience, which can create new opportunities for her.

  • Life simulator - the future of the girl depends on your choices;
  • Be sure that Izumi is always healthy and not hungry;
  • Each activity requires certain skills - don't forget to make the girl improve them;
  • Money plays a significant role in our life - Izumi must learn to earn enough to live happily.

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