The Dungeon Beneath

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The Dungeon Beneath is a tactical rogue-like auto battler. Gather your party and descend into the dungeon, battling your way through room after room of nefarious enemies. Collect powerful artifacts and equipment to create an endless variety of strategies.

  • Craft your unique party - Select from five heroes and dozens of characters to create an unstoppable party. Refine your party by leveling up party members or swapping them at Campfires.
  • Explore an ever-changing dungeon - No two runs are alike. Dungeon layouts are randomly generated for each journey beneath. Fight different enemies and find powerful artifacts hidden deep in the dungeon.
  • Fast-paced tactical battles - Prepare for battle by tactically positioning your party on the board, then let your party do the fighting.
  • An endless amount of variety - Each party member can be equipped with up to three items, modifying their stats and abilities. Rare artifacts give your entire party unique effects.

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