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Tachyon Wars

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This 4X space strategy game is brought to you by an indie developer, with passion to space strategies in his heart. This is a humble but thorough attempt to recreate the success of early Master of Orion game, keeping you away from planet micromanagement and allowing to do pure research, strategy and tactics. Planet control is simple and based on the economic triangle (new!). Fans of Master of Orion will feel here like home.

Tachyon Wars introduces concepts like reconnaissance and invisibility to run sabotage missions on enemy territory. Resources are scarce, so every loss of resource matters. The game takes place in wide open space, so you won't be able block a star node to prevent enemy from entering your territory. Instead you will keep the perimeter well scanned and patrolled. Fleet control expertly automated to facilitate real-time gameplay: all fleets are moving simultaneously, so they all follow the directions you set for them. This mode is different from a traditional RTS, and reflects the feeling of turn-based gameplay. Have a try to see the difference.


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