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Sylphine is a sandbox Visual Novel that strives to mix adult content, drama, and comedy.

Your mother lost at a young age, you find yourself living with one of her closest friends, Alex, a social worker with a penchant for those in need. Also under her care are 4 other girls, impolite tsundere Celeste, quirky bookworm Serra, laid-back gamer girl Lillian, and airheaded but sweet nature lover Gracie. Jump into the world of Sylphine as your MC navigates the world he was left in, a world he may soon find is not everything that it seems. Delve into the main story of Sylphine and discover what occurred to your mother, why you all came under the care of Alex, and what, what dangers threaten the world, and what your destiny has in store for you. Alongside this, explore two unique dimensions with many characters to meet, form bonds with the inhabitants of the world, and grow them into lasting relationships.

  • Multiple hours of story content, ranging from lighthearted to dramatic, to risqué.
  • Double-digit number of girls to meet and get to know, all uniquely designed and written, there's a love interest for every personality you may desire!
  • An emotionally charged story, discover a dimension beyond our own as you find yourself in the middle of a conflict that threatens the life of all the beings in the world.
  • A separated progression path, with each girl having a unique storyline detached from the main story of the game. Allowing you to focus on forwarding the plot of the game when you desire, and to spend time socializing and progressing the story of the various girls when you wish to do something else.

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