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Rocket Flair Studios


Paradox Arc

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Surviving the Abyss

Earth, 1976. You have been given the assignment to build and oversee a deep sea research center trying to perfect human cloning while the cold war is in full swing. Keep your team alive by preserving air, power, food, and other necessities in the merciless depths. Find and mine building materials, find light in the dark, and grow into your surrounds to further your studies. Be careful, the darkness hides unsuspected dangers that can only be kept at away by light. Capture the variety, well adapted flora and wildlife of the deep.

Be in charge

Organize a group of scientists to carry out genetic research on nearby marine species. Maintain your population's sanity, obedience, and survival as you grow your base and learn the cloning and genetic research trade secrets. Investigate cutting-edge technology to improve operations and advancement in your facility. You are in control of your crew's future! Make big choices with the event system.

Strengthen your base

Plan, place, and construct the vital industrial, research, and life support infrastructure to ensure the survival of your crew. Boost the size of your base and the resources it has to offer. Utilize powerlines and tunnels to efficiently connect your structures and mining infrastructure. Use strategic planning and vertical structure to overcome the varying terrain of the ocean floor.

Investigate the dark

To grow your foundation, construct light pylons and push the darkness back. Utilize exploratory submarines and outposts to secure resources far from your main base. Make sure that the power, along with the light and life support systems, do not go out to avert calamity.

Conquer your fears

You and your crew are aware of it. Something is writhing and simmering at the edge of the shadows. Light is safe; darkness is peril. Don't switch the light off.


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