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In Spooky Mansion Manager you make your Grandpa's dream come true as you inherit his business alongside his Mansion. Create Spooky Tours in the Mansion to generate income, gather Magic Dust for research, renovate the Mansion, take care of your employees and pay back the loan your Grandpa took.

  • A Loan to Pay Back - Your Grandpa took a loan of a hundred gold bars as his business was spiraling, and it is up to you to pay it back while trying to make the business bloom again. You have a hundred weeks (i.e., turns) to purchase hundred gold bars. The tricky thing is that the gold price is rising, so you must carefully balance between buying more gold bars and investing in your own business.
  • Creating Spooky tours - Choose a theme, genre, target audience and duration for these spectacular tours held in your Mansion. Make sure to do your research beforehand so that the selections you make also please your customers.
  • Research With Magic Dust - Running out of Themes to use? Not sure what Genre to select for a Theme? Thinking of Renovations? Research has all the answers! Magic Dust is a powerful substance, and while it is not exactly cheap, it is worth it for sure!
  • Renovate the Mansion - The Mansion has seen better days. Your Grandpa has only been using the first floor for the Spooky Tours, but with some planning and investments, you could have a Spooky Tour ongoing on each floor simultaneously. Maybe this is the key to not going bankrupt?
  • Employees are what will make or break you - Hiring and firing are simple but making sure your employees improve and stay can be expensive.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyle - He was your Grandpa's friend and knows a lot about the locals. However, he is hungry for money, so help won't be free.

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