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Shutter 2

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Take control of the RC2, the most powerful remote spectral surveillance tool in the industry, while you try to piece together the horrific tale plaguing the halls of Kent Island Prison.

Defeat and photograph the fallen spirits of the hallowed Kent Island Prison, cash in on the evidence and then upgrade your RC's defensive systems as you delve deeper into the crumbling halls of the abandoned prison.

It's just you and your RC and you'll need to protect it with your life. Upgrade your RC's health and weapons before it gets destroyed, or face the spirits in person.

  • Go old school and view your environments through classic static cameras from the early days of 3D survival horror or switch to the over-the-shoulder cam to get right into the horror!
  • New RC combat! Use new defensive tools to dispatch the spectral entities of Kent Island.
  • New RC abilities for greater puzzle depth. Use different camera filters and the new RC Arm Mode to solve more intricate puzzles.
  • Upgrade your RC's abilities and defensive systems as the horror increases throughout the night.
  • Multiple narrative threads to find, with a scoring system that tracks the evidence you've found.

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