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The code can only be activated in regions where the Live service is supported.

This is an Xbox and PC version of the game.

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Why should you buy it:
  • You like open-world games.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean is your favorite movie franchise.
  • You're looking for hundreds of hours of fun.

Join the pirate brotherhood in a multiplayer action-adventure game. Begin your pirate life full of plundering, finding treasures, and fighting on land and sea. Become a buccaneer legend!

Shape your destiny in Sea of Thieves

Pirates don't take orders from anyone, so you can do whatever you want. The game gives you the absolute freedom to explore the land, complete quests, and interact with other players. You may fight them or form a crew to seek treasures and glory together. 

Land of pirates

Visit a pirate paradise where desert islands and sunken shipwrecks await to discover them. Hunt for lost treasures and mysterious artifacts. Be sure that there's always something to do in Sea of Thieves because the game constantly gets updates and new content. And when you get tired of all pillaging, just go fishing!

Pirate adventures

Among many Sea of Thieves activities, you'll find Tall Tales - story-driven quests providing dozens of hours of gameplay. Those cinematic missions feature unusual characters to meet and hidden locations to visit. Try to find ancient artifacts and discover a mythical island in the Shores of Gold arc or follow the return of Captain Flameheart in Ashen Age.

  • A vast open world to explore.
  • Tons of activities.
  • Cinematic story-driven quests.
  • Thrilling ship battles.
  • Updates providing new content.

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Was a bit concerned but I got my game in 3 minutes after making the payment. I had to confirm my email address but apart from that no issues whatsoever. prices are really good and I don't need anything more.
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A very fun, casual gaming experience

Amazing, cartoonish, friendly graphics and a very fun concept! Of course it has its issues that can annoy people, just a few hours ago it kicked me out on a voyage, but it doesn't happen that often. With your friends it can be very fun, other people may be toxic but that's fine too. This game isn't perfect (no game is), but it is indeed amazing. And it still gets all the love from the devs, with continous updates, so I wouldn't even consider the game being boring or repetitive. Future patches will help shine this unique game furthermore.
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A great price for a great game

This game is probably by far the best pirate game I have ever played! Beautiful graphics, mechanics with a high skill curve that require time (some a lot of) to perfect, events here and there, a great variety of cosmetics to buy with the gold that you get from the missions, and many other things that you can discover playing. The game does lack some content, but the devs assured that more content is on the way. This game is great if you just want to set sail with your friends and have some fun exploring all the things the game has to offer.
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Very nice game to play with friends.
Makes so much fun!
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