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Cycloid Games Studios


Cycloid Games Studios

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Sciophobia: The fear of Shadows is a single-player, point and click, survival horror game that leads player into a dark, desolate, and all but abandoned property. Your purpose is to discover the truth about the mysteries surrounding the Greer Property and find the lost son, Jeffrey Greer.

Players take on the roll of a reporter who is namely a laughing stock in the city of Maire. The dark and the paranormal shake you to your core, but that intrigues you. Loyal to a small fan-base of believers, you write about the truth that people need to hear. The shadows aren't always just shadows, and you never know what could suck you into it, never to be seen again. Set out tonight on this journey and uncover the truth about an old legend.

  • PUZZLES - Players will be faced with numerous puzzles where the answers aren't always clear. Sciophobia challenges you to use your wits and will to progress through the game.
  • HIDDEN OBJECTS - You're here to uncover the truth! Important objects and story revealing elements will be hidden, requiring the player to search their screens.
  • SURVIVAL - Sciophobia is a relentless environment. Players must monitor their anxiety levels as they could very well be your death. You will find several anxiety relieving items hidden all throughout the property. Additionally, you will have the ability to take a deep breath, which will relieve only a small amount of anxiety. The Reporter will also be faced with anxiety attacks, where they must act accordingly or die.
  • DARK, REALISTIC, ATMOSPHERE - The Greer Property is a dreadful place, and the game will reflect that. Spirits are never far from the reporter and can be faintly heard at any moment. The forest is a dark and gloomy place, where visibility is never far ahead of you. The Reporter never knows what could be lurking in the shadows just to the right of you.
  • POINT AND CLICK - Sometimes, it's a nice change of pace to let the game take you on a journey rather than moving through that journey yourself. Sciophobia relies on point and click to give you a broader immersion into a world of the paranormal. The Player will need to search for items and use arrows to navigate The Greer Property.
  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE - In the world, things are never set in stone. In the world of Sciophobia, your choices will matter as they take you through your journey. Players will be faced with hard decisions and will need to save often as they will lead you to one of four possible endings.

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