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SALVAGE is a highly replayable and atmospheric first-person sci-fi survival horror game. Each play-through takes about 30 minutes to complete, but with dynamically generated environments and a variety of storylines and challenges, you will never have quite the same experience twice.

In SALVAGE, the environment and important item locations will be different each time you play. Even the story you experience and the threats you face can be different. You will never have quite the same experience twice.

SALVAGE is influenced by and pays homage to some of the greatest stories from the sci-fi horror genre, including ALIEN and THE THING.

  • A mix of short survival-horror stories that will test your senses and your wits
  • The facility layout is randomly generated, and locations of important items and clues will be different each time you play
  • Interact with your environment—an important item might be buried under that innocuous pile of boxes
  • Noise mechanics—certain actions in the game generate noise, as do certain objects when they move (such as automatic doors)
  • Combine certain items to enhance and improve them—such as replacing the batteries of a flashlight, or creating new items like a Molotov cocktail

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