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Fsix Games


Fsix Games

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You wake up trapped in a space-time loop with 3 strangers. Have ever dreamed about such a thing? Well, now it is no longer a dream, but a cruel reality. You find out being trapped in Rivalia Castle, which has fallen under the control of "not at all evil jester" and a swarm of his dreadful monsters. Your quest is to take the castle back.

Roguelite adventure and singleplayer ARPG where you can control one of 4 main characters: Ashelin, Halmor, Yhorm or Evanya. No matter which one you end up choosing, the rest will always be by your side. in a real-time battle. You will be able to switch to any of them at any time.


  • Chaos on procedurally generated dungeons - A demonic jester has taken over Rivalia Castle and turned it into his playground. So get ready to face the complete chaos of traps, challenges and dangerous enemies. You never know what you will find this time in the Castle, gloomy graveyards, dark caverns or huge halls all are waiting to be discovered.
  • Defeat the enemies of the kingdom - Warriors made of calcium, mischievous little devils, giant boxing turtles.... All kinds of mysterious monsters will fight you to defend their unjusticfully claimed territory.
  • Defeat the guardians - Ciceron's monsters are not only ordinary weaklings but also powerful guardians. Each of them with unique powers and moves, to put you up to an even greater challenge. Will you manage to take them down?
  • Loot, forge and become even more powerful - Defeating enemies will allow you to craft new equipment. And combing them with each other will lead the creation of even more deadly weapons.

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