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RESCUE 2: Everyday Heroes

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RESCUE 2: Everyday Heroes is the exciting continuation of "Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes," a game that has won praise from fans and critics alike. Assume operational command of an entire city's fire stations! As Fire Commander, you are responsible for the safety of the city and must ensure that your units are up to the task; no matter whether it's a simple fire or a catastrophic train accident. Improve your equipment, deploy specialists to specific fire teams and coordinate journeys to simultaneous missions using the city map. 

  • Start in a city with a single fire station and unlock new sta-tions by successfully completing missions! 
  • Even greater variety thanks to the various types of fires, such as liquid fires, electrical fires and backdrafts 
  • Includes a turntable ladder vehicle for fighting fires and res-cuing people from multistory buildings 
  • Flexible water resource system: work out exactly where you are going to get your water from – natural sources, hydrants or water tenders! 
  • Discover new faces and old friends from the first game amongst the characters, incl. female colleagues! 
  • Manage the various tasks of the rescue workers and get to know your personal team of Everyday Heroes. 
  • Purchase new emergency vehicles and hire extra rescue per-sonnel! 
  • Swap vehicles between the different fire stations in your city 
  • Choose between story and everyday missions 
  • Part 2 of the popular Rescue series 

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