Project: Solace

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You arrive on an island as Sophie for a new survival competition show. She and her fellow contestants begin their first day and start to get acquainted with their temporary home. However, things are not what they seem. Sophie and the other contestants must fight to survive, discover the secrets of the island, and escape.

A 2D sidescroller with platformer and permadeath elements!

  • Explore - Play as Sophie and explore the horrors of the island. Discover secrets that will give you items to aide you in your escape. Uncover information to give insight into the island and unveil the mystery. Fight to escape!
  • Fight to survive - Defend yourself against the monsters and environment. Fight as you explore. Advance through sidequests and levels. If a character succumbs on a level, they are gone forever!
  • Enhance - Equip multiple different types of offensive and defensive enhancements that will aid you. Upgrade yourself to increase attack and defense. Unlock skills that will help you from cooking to crafting.
  • Fishing

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