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PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

4.7 /5 (85 reviews)
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The most recent Battle Royale phenomenon - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that has attracted millions of players worldwide! Survive in Erangel, an island where 100 players hunt each other to death for the crown and to climb the leaderboard!  

Jump out of the aeroplane that flies over Erangel and finds your spot to start in. It can be a big city like Pochinky or a small pair of houses near the mountains. Loot the buildings and cities to find gear, weapons like AKM or SCAR-L and ammo to defeat your opponents. The play area will be smaller from time to time, so you need to be careful about not being in that area when the map shrinks.

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you choose the way you want to play, whether you want to be a one-man-army playing solo or with friends as a squad. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is in Early-Access so the developers are updating and changing several aspects of the game to make it more accessible to the public. It is receiving periodical updates each month to add more content, such as new weapons like the Mini14 or MK14 or places to loot in Erangel.

Remember, this is not a game, this is Battle Royale!


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Reviews (85)

a..6@gmail.comReview date: 31.07.2018
This game is fantastic. There are millions of people playing this game, you won't be bored if you play it, because each game is different. However, the lag and bug can be very annoying, so be prepared with it.
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c..2@gmail.comReview date: 16.07.2018
This game is like dating an alcoholic. They're a lot of fun to be around, and you legitimately like them. But they have serious problems that ruin the whole relationship. You keep thinking they'll change, but they never will. Instead they'll just try to sell you an Event Pass to see parts of their body.
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SkoglundReview date: 27.07.2018
Love the game, way better than any other battle royale game out there. Even thought Fortnite currently is the most famous and trending game, PUBG is definitely the most fun.
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b..n@gmail.comReview date: 16.07.2018
my favourite game! Tried fortnite with the whole hype around it but still PUBG is way way more realistic rather than huge hammers and bulshit
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j..s@gmail.comReview date: 05.08.2018
i play this game now over a month on pc and mobile and the game is super realistisch and all the weapons to
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