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Plague Breaker is a retro roguelike platformer with heavy RPG elements. Pick your class, create unique characters by multiclassing or create your own class with the class creator, all while exploring a procedurally generated castle filled with undead monsters and corrupted plague doctors.

  • Pick your class - heavily inspired by Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac, and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. Plague Breaker features procedurally generated levels that expand as you progress further into the castle. Explore and collect weapons and magic items to prepare yourself for the boss fight, and defeat the boss to level up and explore each classes branching skill tree. Be careful though, as death is permanent!
  • Combine Abilities - Multiclass across class trees and combine class abilities to create unique characters. Combine Warrior's Weapon Expertise with Rogue's Sneak Attack to deal massive damage! Trap enemies in the Hunter's bear trap and blow them up with Mage's Fireball! Or create some other unique combination as you unlock new classes and items to ensure that each run plays and feels like a new adventure.
  • Create your own class - use the Class Creator to create a custom class! Create a unique class tree with abilities, weapons and items you've found in previous runs! Join with a friend in Local Splitscreen Co-op and explore the dungeon together! Create unique party combinations with each player creating their own character as they progress, and work together to unlock new items and classes for future runs.

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